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Eimaan - Janamaz (Prayer Mat)

Eimaan - Janamaz (Prayer Mat)

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Eimaan, inspired by faith. Reminiscent of the calming nature and serenity which comes from His remembrance. Florals, notes of soul searching, being adaptable, and organic (in accordance to His plan)
  • 26x42 inches

  • Digital print on Suede

  • 6 mm foam padding for comfort

  • Silk Tassels for trimming

  • Lined at the bottom with a non-slip material

  • It is recommended to dry clean the Janamaaz, to avoid the tassels from fraying or being damaged, and to keep the foam from losing shape.

  • 18 working days for delivery

  • The colors may vary slightly on screen vs in person

  • The tassels / trimming shades might vary based on market availability

  • This image is digitally created. The actual janamaz is soft and can be folded / rolled. It looks even better in person!

  • To remove creases, lay flat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Uma Jethani

Some months ago I had asked my mother to send me a janamaz, with the condition that my father picked it out.
Living more than 8000 miles away, I am of no good to my parents. I figured when I offer Salah, my dad can have a share of the sawab as well.
The janamaz they sent me was really cool. Not cool in a groovy or chic way, but cool as in "dil vich thand pay gai". That was the effect of the minty blue. It was makhmali soft, and the dainty flowers all around made it quite different from the maroon hues which I associate with janamazes(is thaat a word?). Most of all, blue is my favorite color. Allah knows, so, that's the prayer mat I got!
Everytime I pray on it, I remember Papa, and, try not to shed a tear; for the sawab I wanted for him, became a sadqaejaariya:(
He left this mortal world a month and a half after I received this present.
So, this gift from Firefly holds a soft, bittersweet spot in my aching heart.
Would highly recommend for others to experience offering salah on this quality prayer mat.

Amna Ahmad

The design, color and quality, everything is great. I have ordered 4 prayer mats from here. Waiting for the 5th one 😄

Super excited we can cater to you, Alhamdulillah! <3

Eimaan Janamaz

I got the Janamaz a few months back. Its amazing quality MASHA ALLAH

Happy to hear <3

Aliya Riaz
Not satisfied

I always wanted this jai namaz when it was launched, then i decided to gift it to my sisters on her birthday, colours and designing was superb, but i didn't like the quality, material is not of good quality as well as foam, you guys need to work on quality more.

Apologies you were unhappy with your purchase. We tracked your order, and you seem to have ordered in 2021, it is 2023. We've gone through a lot of changes with our production and if our janamaz were not worth buying or quality based, they would not do as well as they have in the local market and internationally. <3

We encourage you visit our pop ups / events and check the janaamz and make an informed choice. This feedback earlier when the purchase was made would have helped us back then and we'd have happily responded to your feedback positively then, as well.

Stay blessed.