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Social Responsibility

As part of its ethos, Firefly believes strongly toward community and its stand for Social Responsibility. While 90% of the production of Firefly merchandise is in house within the studio, The Willow -- a grave number of other items are sourced to local communities under fair trade.

Gift Bags manufactured under packaging for Firefly are handcrafted by women artisans in communities of Orangi Town. Janamaaz and other textile items are handcrafted by skilled artisans belonging to communities on the outskirts of Karachi. 

Due to concerns over sustainability and harm to the environment, a conscious decision to discontinue all PVC products was made in 2017. Which meant parting with the original wallet cards in Pakistan's gift giving industry, along with keychains, luggage tags, and more.

While we are not fully plastic free, our simple efforts can slowly make change and have impact on the environment we live in.

Any plastic waste from external packaging in our studio is discarded separately. Documents are shredded to be utilized as mulch or can be upcycled for recycled paper. Even the water collected from our studio air conditioner is used to water plants. We use energy saving bulbs as a light source to conserve electricity and to avoid our studio space from heating up. 

All our packaging is design based, which means you don't have to throw it out. It can be used to craft, create, and repurpose. Pretty things are meant to stay, how you opt to use them, is YOUR super power! This is why our magnets come with affirmations in the guise of bookmarks, and why our packaging is primarily paper vs single use plastic sleeves. Our previously popular luggage tags and car hangings are now made with upcycled paper materials and fabric -- making a creative statement, while sustaining the environment.

The handcrafted keepsake range of products primarily uses acid free products which are  made of recycled paper. The wooden plaques and other wood based products are made with upcycled wood material and sawdust.

The Crafter's Guild

As part of our greater purpose, our social efforts extend to The Crafter's Guild -- our community founded for creatives, crafters and artisans across Pakistan.

Under The Crafter's Guild:

  • we extend consultancy and mentoring to underprivileged communities
  • work with differently abled individuals
  • support causes and campaigns
  • engage in peace building initiatives
  • extend vocational training in partnership with NGO's and Corporations
  • host craft fairs for home based creatives and artisans thrice a year
  • offer multiple networking opportunities,

Over 1000 craft / handmade ventures have exhibited with The Crafter's Guild since 2012, MashaAllah!


Smile Sunshine

Smile Sunshine operates as Firefly's Key Social Responsibility initiative. While charitable efforts and campaigns have long been active under Firefly, it was under the global pandemic it became a full scale relief partner for COVID affected families. Thousands of families have been provided rations, medical aid, vocational support through sewing machines, rehabilitation post Karachi floods, in addition to multiple medical camps, and more. Heavy campaigns during Ramadan have ensured meal distribution, clothes distribution, Eid celebrations for orphans, as well as distribution of meat during Eid ul Adha.

It is heartening to share Smile Sunshine partnered with the CAREEM captain's initiative to provide ration bags to CAREEM captains affected by the pandemic. 

Partner organizations for the clothes drive include the largest institution - Akhuwat under its clothes bank initiative for distribution of clothes to those in marginalized communities. It's imperative to note, this collaboration empowers members of the transgender fraternity with an equal opportunity to work and earn their livelihoods.

Smile Sunshine has also been an esteemed cause partner of choice by Artists for Flood Relief -- a beneficiary of sales made from the campaign to carry out various welfare initiatives and to assist the underprivileged neighborhoods post urban flooding in 2020. The campaign was held internationally with contributing artists from around the world.

Smile Sunshine has also been recognized as a nominee under the The Mummy Club Awards for 2021, in addition to guest speaking opportunities at esteemed events. Alhamdulillah!