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The Team

The world is a better place because we believe in the power of our dreams. Here at Firefly, we are family, and we ensure our creative energies, warmth and laughter transfer to our work. All of us carry the same passion for Firefly and have a uniform vision to see Firefly grow. Our mission is constant: to spread smiles.

The creative, closet poetess, crafting queen, and fan of all things sparkly, beautiful, and colorful.

Varah holds a background in design from the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. She has over sixteen years of experience crafting and creating with paper, in addition to years of professional experience training, teaching, and working with communities. Her design sense is a mix of quirky and whimsy, and her personality reflects in her work, predominantly through Firefly. She loves creating and finds crafting a therapeutic process.

Varah advocates for welfare and societal betterment by working with causes which impact communities. She has been privileged to have worked with numerous names over the years. By bridging communities with art and craft, she is popular with her efforts as The Crafters Guild, having worked with over 800 brands and craft based ventures through exhibitions, pop ups, market places, show cases, and curated opportunities.

Having worked in an educational institution, Varah also has a strong relationship with youth and their commitment toward social responsibility. She has in fact played role as a patron and has closely worked on innumerable projects to reflect the same ethos and community spirit. Varah has contributed to placing Pakistan on the international craft map by being Prima Marketing Inc's first Art Educator from Pakistan (that, too donning a dupatta).

Varah also has an ever lasting obsession with attractive packaging, pretty stationery, thunder showers, the sea, and the moon. She loves spending time at The Willow (The happy place and Firefly's Home), reading, and of course exploring new things to make and do.

The Operations Manager, Craftsman in Training, and Undercover Superhero

Muhammad Hamza is the backbone of Firefly as you see it today. Whether it is the perfection found in  your bespoke frame, or your timely order delivery for a zipper. He ensures everything functions as it should, and does not rest til the job's done right. He has a humble and rather quiet nature, but he can certainly bring out the best of jovial spirits at any point in time. His super power is ensuring everyone stays calm, and things are fulfilled as they ought to be. He's a thinker. He spends long periods of time contemplating, but above all, has a driven and dedicated work ethic.

Hamza is also a skilled craftsman. The finesse, quality, and immaculate detailing in his work is inspiring, and makes us want to love him even more. He's our brother, and one of the kindest souls you could come across. There is probably no task Hamza cannot do, and we certainly can't function without him!

Hamza loves a little style, and enjoys attention to detail. He's also our guy when it comes to procurement, vendor management, and out sourced production. We love visits with him to varying markets and neighborhoods to pick out the best of the best when it comes to accenting, or assembling Firefly products. He's our lead when it comes to ensuring all external projects are delivered on point.

That's not all. Hamza has an engineering background. He is a software engineer in the making. Between his time at Firefly and university, Hamza also plays basketball if he's not engaged with volunteering for noble causes.

The Production Manager and Tech Whisperer

Khuzaima is our tech guy, if there were any simpler way to sum it. He speaks to our equipment like no one can... and ensures all our dealings with external organizations for the same are kept on point. Khuzaima is one of the brightest team members we have, and we love that he's super particular about time. Khuzaima loves learning about the world, and has an interest in computers, and technology. Let us not forget, he also has a keen interest in trains, and their engines! 

Khuzaima is responsible for a good majority of equipment and the systems we operate at The Willow. Together with Hamza and Arham, he also oversees production of in house items and is a grave support when we are experimenting with new products or inventions within the studio. We generally count on Khuzaima when it comes to deciding on hefty purchases or fancy new equipment.

The Creative Associate, Genius behind the Lens, and Magic Man

If you've enjoyed digital media content we produce for Firefly or The Crafter's Guild, our Magic Man Arham has some major input! He's usually behind the lens when it comes to documenting our events, activities, and day to day initiatives. That's not all, with Hamza and Khuzaima, he helps put together production for some of our most beloved products at Firefly as a Creative Associate. Arham's talents are many, and we see him put some of that talent to work every single day!

He's a thinker, and jots down his deep thoughts every once in a while. He has a crazy zest for photography, and appreciates life for whatever it is! He's the quiet one, but we can't help but love him to bits!