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Everyday Dua Bundle (Version 2.0)
Everyday Dua Bundle (Version 2.0)

Everyday Dua Bundle (Version 2.0)

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The everyday dua bundle is a product of constant reminders and need to supplicate. It makes a great gift and is rather a vibrant and colorful sentiment to find yourself closer to His remembrance throughout the day.

  • 30 ATM sized gloss coat cardsIncludes:
  • 4 Quls
  • Six Kalimas
  • Dua before going to sleep
  • Dua upon waking up
  • Dua before and after going to lavatory
  • Dua when dressing oneself
  • Dua after adhaan
  • Dua before entering home
  • Dua before leaving home
  • Dua for protection against Ain / Nazar
  • Dua for entering bazaar
  • Dua e Safar
  • Ayat ul Kursi
  • Durood e Ibrahim
  • Attahiyat (Tashahhud)
  • Dua e Qunoot
  • Miscellaneous everyday Duas for repentance, protection, eman and well being.
All sets come bound with a chain to make it easy to go through, and held together. These can be carried for travel and make great gifts for Umrah travelers.
COD is available for Karachi. All other cities bankwire.
Please respect these and take care in placing them safely.
Minimum 7 working days

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Dua cards

I ordered thd dua bundle and 99names of Allah card ftom thrm , the design quality and feasibility of use that is hard lamination on both of them was beautiful, they are a priced, sentimental purchases, we have it in are religious book shelf permanently love their work.

This is amazing! We're indebted to everyone who allows us a chance to be a part of this wonderful ibadah!