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A Decade of Rainbows


Not everyone is fortunate, or rather lucky to pursue what they love and make it a means to impact countless other lives. It was during a university break that the first official doodles surfaced in 2010, but it has been over 15 years that the original Firefly (journal) has existed.

Today, as the date reminds us, we have fulfilled a decade of our presence serving smiles and creating rainbows!

We could take this moment to list all our endeavors, milestones, achievements, and moments of success but all that seems so very small in current times.

The fact we have survived for this long with some of the best running product lines, bright and quirky content, beautiful artwork, and the vision to be extra ordinary has long set Firefly apart. Alhamdulillah. Firefly would not be here without the incredulous love, support, and encouragement from thousands of you across the world who have not only purchased from us, but have for years been such a positive part of our day <3

Firefly turning ten often translates our musings to sounding all grown up, or hitting a new benchmark. It for us, is just a reminder that when you're honest and true to your dreams, everything else falls into place even when by default life is uncertain.

We have soldiered through our data being wiped away. We have weathered the loss of loved ones who impacted our lives. We've traveled the world carrying Firefly close, and always found it comforting - Home. We've learned the ropes and sifted through the nitty gritties, we've been on ground fulfilling the likes of all things which may appear mundane. We've persevered when things have been glum, and we've started over from scratch in our 9th year. If we've survived this... we have full faith we will strive to do more (InshaAllah).

We in fact, began transitioning to eco-sustainability over the last few months as a conscious effort to be less wasteful and more kind to our world. We've long supported social responsibility in our means, and our biggest platform The Crafter's Guild is to show for it. We're aiming to impact more lives and expanding our product lines to make a difference in the world around us.

We thank all our patrons, our fans, our customers, our family, and our friends for entrusting us. We thank them for allowing us to be such an imperative part of their most auspicious moments and important days. We understand over the years we've also met a few friends who've been turned away unhappy, we hope you can allow us a chance to make it up to you.

The most rewarding element of Firefly, all these years has had to be all the incredible lives we've been a part of and the individuals we've met. All the corporations who believed in small scale business, the communities we've worked with, the young people we've impacted, the causes we've supported, and the change makers we've befriended... that is the greatest gift Firefly has given US. Thank  YOU to our extended family of fellow creatives and local craft-preneurs for your kindness and warmth!

May we always remember, a Firefly glows wherever it goes. When it is dark, it creates its own light. We hope each of you carries your own little spark and lights the world.

Thank you again for being a part of our journey across ten years... may we transition beautifully to many more inshaAllah! 

The forecast is whimsical, with a chance of rainbows!

With love, Smile Sunshine!
-Team Firefly

PS This rainbow cake is from our 4th birthday. We are respectfully observing global measures to self-isolate and maintain social distancing as the world combats a pandemic! We can't wait to cut cake and roll out confetti with all of you! <3


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